The Azhagi Story

Founded in 2017, over a coffee table that was piled up with my wedding wardrobe. As an ode to multi-faceted women of contemporary India, #azhagi was born, to unveil the colors, patterns and textures that is so rich in Indian handloom.

The idea began as a lifestyle requirement for intelligent, ambitious and driven women for their muse and exquisite experience of draping a saree. And the design direction originates from the most simple form and in everyday things. Crafted to tell stories and ideate minimalism and sustainability.

I, most of the times wonder how the design of the elements in the universe blend together to work in such perfect harmony. As a designer, I aim to capture these designs in my collections. I believe design is a lot more about one’s emotions and attachments than about their favourite colours and shapes.

அழகி (Azhagi) translates to ‘a beautiful girl’ in the tamil language. Hashtag Azhagi as a brand represents a traditional and yet contemporary style created out of passion with passionate people to make handloom collection accessible to you!

“நிமிர்ந்த நன்னடை நேர்கொண்ட பார்வையும்,
நிலத்தில் யார்க்கும் அஞ்சாத நெறிகளும்,
திமிர்ந்த ஞானச் செருக்கும் இருப்பதால்
செம்மை மாதர் திறம்புவ தில்லையாம்;”

To me a saree is a symbol of pride and freedom. What are sarees to you?


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